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Plugger: Charity Marie - New Book Out!
Pluggee: 30DBC Day 4: For Maggie     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 11-05-21 @ 1:05pm
The Plug: A tribute post

Plugger: Elska Hugrekki
Pluggee: MIndfulness in blogging     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-05-21 @ 6:49pm
The Plug: Mindfulness in my blogging process

Plugger: Elska Hugrekki
Pluggee: My purpose … need to write     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-05-21 @ 4:13pm
The Plug: My purpose … my need to write

Plugger: Elska Hugrekki
Pluggee: And so it is ....     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-05-21 @ 4:00pm
The Plug: Hi, I’m new here. My writings somewhat quirky (just like me)

Plugger: dog pack:saving4 premium renew
Pluggee: THAT DARN MONKEY     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-11-21 @ 12:35pm
The Plug: Writing word art in my blog ignited by a monkey.

Plugger: QueenNormaJean HoHoHumbuggery
Pluggee: A Waiting Game     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 03-03-21 @ 1:52am
The Plug: Thank you for the Quill nomination. I am still in a wonder.

Plugger: Ari Lox
Pluggee: Reckless Action     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 01-18-21 @ 10:04pm
The Plug: Science is all logic, isn't it?

Plugger: QueenNormaJean HoHoHumbuggery
Pluggee: Amazing Luck     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 12-31-20 @ 7:23pm
The Plug: My last entry in the 30-Day Blogging Challenge for the December unofficial contest was just posted. Come visit me.

Plugger: dog pack:saving4 premium renew
Pluggee: THANKSGIVING NIGHT     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 11-27-20 @ 12:12pm
The Plug: Thanksgiving events and a silly story attached. Read and respond to MY DAY for gift points.

Plugger: QueenNormaJean HoHoHumbuggery
Pluggee: Eat Your Avocado Daily     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 07-14-20 @ 9:38pm
The Plug: Come and visit with me on my porch in Montana. You never know who you might meet, and what I might be up to. Today I talk about avocados. Oh, and washing curtains. It doesn't get more exciting than that in my part of Montana.

Plugger: Ara_Vye
Pluggee: Video Game Review: Hollow Knight     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-22-20 @ 1:56pm
The Plug: I write things and sometimes review video games!

Plugger: Toffeeman1957
Pluggee: Redundant     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-12-20 @ 5:11pm
The Plug: Jump in , the water is warm.

Plugger: Toffeeman1957
Pluggee: Everton!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-11-20 @ 6:08pm
The Plug: Entry for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Join us, it's fun.

Plugger: Toffeeman1957
Pluggee: Reliability     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-08-20 @ 4:41pm
The Plug: The prompt for this blog seemed a bit daunting. And then it was fun!

Plugger: Miranda_EatingCookies
Pluggee: My feelings on COVID-19     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-05-20 @ 4:22am
The Plug: A ramble fest about how I feel on COVID

Plugger: Miranda_EatingCookies
Pluggee: Introducing Me & My Best Friend?     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-05-20 @ 4:22am
The Plug: My first entry

Plugger: Miranda_EatingCookies
Pluggee: Best Friend and Moonlight     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-05-20 @ 4:21am
The Plug: A prompt going into how I unwind at night and my awesome best friend

Plugger: Louise Wiggins is Elizabeth
Pluggee: Stand in Your Faith     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-21-20 @ 2:42am
The Plug: My first blog entry in two years, a sermon I delivered to my congregation and guests on the radio 4/19/2020 about faith during a pandemic titled "Stand in your Faith"

Plugger: Velicity Phoenix
Pluggee: YEAR ONE--for US ALL?     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-18-20 @ 11:16am
The Plug: *Year One* -- and Year One for us all. -- A book title "Year One, and an Irony to the possibility of it may be Year One for us All. Please Read, you may enjoy :)

Plugger: Lazy Writer est 4/24/2008
Pluggee: My PLans for April, 3/31/2020     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-31-20 @ 9:41pm
The Plug: Please read

Plugger: Seabreeze
Pluggee: Meter and Foot     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-04-19 @ 2:53pm
The Plug: Come visit my new blog. I would like to have you stop by share a little about your self and I will guarantee to review one of your posts. Also, I am looking at Meter and Foot and would like a discussion on the topic as well; come see! Seabreeze

Plugger: Chris Breva
Pluggee: December 17, 2018     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 12-17-18 @ 10:19am
The Plug: This contains the first entry of a new blog forum I'm trying to kick off as well as my daily entries to existing blogs.

Plugger: Prosperous Snowwoman
Pluggee: Memorial Day: Remember all the Causalities of War     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 05-28-18 @ 12:58pm
The Plug: Remember all the veterans who gave their lives in war, not just those who died on the battlefield.

Plugger: Velicity Phoenix
Pluggee: Am I Short Story Stuck?     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-26-18 @ 6:07pm
The Plug: The name of my first Live Blog is "The talkative couch cushion". Like everyone here I have many thoughts. This plug is to bring you to my blog. I am excited to talk about many topics. So please come, read, respond enjoy. All Welcome.

Plugger: Chris Breva
Pluggee: March 26. 2018     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 03-26-18 @ 7:18am
The Plug: I created a holiday, or did I?

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