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Rated: 13+ · 14 years ago
What's on my mind....
Rated: 18+ · 14 years ago
My first attempt at a blog ... what is a blog, anyway?
Rated: 18+ · 15 years ago
NO more humor... just more tragic, sad, sick, twisted goings ons - Sorry
Rated: E · 4 months ago
The study of melted structures.
Rated: E · 4 months ago
A place for happy thoughts
Rated: 18+ · 5 months ago
The inner machinations of a serial blogger.
Rated: E · 3 years ago
Stories from my daily life as a motel manager, being a wife and the Mama of 6 cats.
Rated: E · 5 years ago
Book reviews based on book recommendations by other WDC members
Rated: E · 15 years ago
Thinking is open to anybody, rich or poor. I do hope that my thinking makes you think.
Rated: ASR · 16 years ago
Just Jul Lee is just me. I write my thoughts and observations.
Rated: 18+ · 17 years ago
blog or journal
Rated: ASR · 17 years ago
Are temperament and Mental Health at all related? A positive, spiritual view of self.
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