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      One of the best things I did in 2013 was come back to writing.com. I actually joined in July 2011, but never really settled. I think I logged in a few times in 2012 but, again, it wasn’t home. Then in 2013, something clicked! I started to get involved in the community and that’s when it all made sense. I guess this website can be a bit tricky to get your head round, with its unique links and codes. It can also be pretty overwhelming – there’s so much to do and read! But as soon as everything makes sense, you can put your feet up and get comfy – because you’re home! As soon as I found my feet, I started to write more, I started to enter contests and take part in activities. I am definitely not the best writer the world has ever seen. But when people started to review my work and tell me they liked it, it felt really good. This sparked my energy and enthusiasm for getting words on the page. Now I don’t just write, I love to write. I’ve even found the confidence to start a few of my own activities. Honestly, when I first joined, I felt like everyone knew each other and I’d never fit in! But the more I joined in, the more connected I felt. Now I feel like I have hundreds of real, caring friends. Writing.com is the most positive place in the world. If I’m having a hard day, I just head to WDC and, within minutes, something or someone can make me smile.
      I recently joined WRITING.COM about ten days ago. I stepped in with fear as I am a new writer... I felt like, I was entering a world way beyond my capability with WRITING.COM, as english writing is not my first language... I was not about to disclose that, I wanted to see the come back. I had visions of a firing squad, a flock of intellectual literacy, academics and scholars shooting me down. Instead, WRITING.COM had encouragement, don't get me wrong, I was told what I needed to work on, improve and correct. WRITING .COM has opened a whole new world for me, starting with confidence, the want to write more and read other artists work. Some times we just need to remember even the best of artists had dilemmas of, would they use chalk, coal, color, sketch or paint to express…the practice of a rough start created Master Pieces. Thank you WRITING.COM

Simonajane *Wink*
-- Simona
      To write is to pour the contents of your brain out onto a piece of paper, allowing them to pool and coalesce like so much wet clay, ready to be shaped and organized into a recognisable form.

Like any art, it is open to interpretation and critique, both positive and negative.

It was the fear of the negative, of derision, regardless of how baseless this fear is, that kept my pen from paper for too long a time.

The anonymity found on the internet, and in this case, more specifically Writing.com has given me the freedom and release to write with gay abandon, unfettered by my previous fears and with support from people who are firmly in the same boat as I.

So I say to one and all write on my friends. Not for fame or recognition but for the sheer love of it!
      It was six years ago that I started getting out of comics and into reading stories. I had finally began to appreciate the world of writing. I struggled with getting out of Special Education Reading & English. It was really hard to read more than just a single chapter. It hurt so much that I could barely take it. Then my brother found the answer.

Writing.com seemed like a pain at first, but then there was something that really got my mind flowing. Interactive stories and fanfictions that were stories about shows and characters I had known and loved. So, I read them and the fact that the entries were less than 5000 characters most of the time made my reading more bareable. In just a year my reading had improved by six grade levels. My consoler thought that I had been lazy this entire time. But, my teacher knew the war that I fought to learn how to read and comprehend literature. In 2009, I graduated with a regular high school diploma. And it was thanks to Writing.com that I graduated from High School. If I had known about this testimonal and thanking ability five years ago, I would have thanked this site a long time ago. I still struggle with reading as a mentally challenged individual. But, thanks to Writing.com I have not given up. I have continued the fight to read and write. I now even have my own stories up and desire to learn more about the world of writing. Thank you Writing.com, you helped me win the war of Camm's Reading Skills.
      Since discovering writing.com just over a month ago, I can honestly say it has become my internet home. There is a vast array of activities, contests, and interactive content! I have made a few new friends already, and the reviews have been a tremendous help to me, as I work to improve my writing skills!
      I try to forget Writing to fulfill my Dad’s ambition to me, because he said you can’t live in writing.
But writing is one of my passion, always pulling me somehow; finding a pen and a paper just to write-specially poetry and then I hide.
I may be lack in technicalities or education in writing, but my heart is full of expressions,
and founding Writing.Com is a great privilege and opportunity to again open the leaf of my book in Writing. And it really improves me every day, from the reviews and writing information.
I begin to loved this site since the day I begin to share my bits and pieces of me.
And feel that I am truly belong here, because of the warmth acceptance and encouragement that I always received from all the wonderful people here.
      Without WDC, I would still be wasting my time!
      The Writing.com website has helped me in many unexpected ways.

1. I am better able to express my thoughts.
2. I enjoy reading creative writing about different topics.
3. To establish writing goals.
4. To learn and share with a diverse audience.
5. Writing.com makes my day!
      I came to writing.com about a year or so ago. I was reading stories off it long before that though. And now I write about everything as long as someone request it that is. For the longest time I was an awful writer. I never could control myself or use the correct words. When I joined writing.com I realized that my writings were improving as I read others. Though my writing is quite slow and awfully inappropriate at times its detail is much better. I thank writing.com and everyone that's reviewed me with their honest opinions. You have opened the gates of my creative mind. And let my creativity run wild. I've never enjoyed writing so much. Thank you!
      I have enjoyed Writing.com tremendously, as I have been searching for a place to find ideas, support and objective reviews of my work; and I found it. It has inspired me to finish a story I had written years ago when my daughters were young, and this year they have been prodding me to finish it. So with their prodding and Writing.com, I am well on my way!
      I don't even know how I get into WDC.I joined few days ago and that is,I can say for sure,the smartest thing what I did lately.
Is there any place in the world where you'll be supported for what you're doing by people who you never met? Yes,there's WDC.
Is there any place in the world where you can make your dreams to come true? Yes,there's WDC.
Is there any place in the world where you can drop even your worse thoughts and not be deleted by "friends"? Yes,there's WDC.
Bye,bye Facebook world.
Good morning WDC *Heart*
      WOW!!! My Girl send me here, I was too mushy for on FB...lol I wanted to say how I felt, but I had no outlet...this is the PERFECT site, not only can I get my words out of me, but I have these VERY knowledgeable writers who are HELPING me, with cadence, wording, etc... Love the site...thanks for having, and monitoring it!!!!

      I love WDC because I'm a young writer with a small budget and little courage. WDC has given me the confidence to share my work with people I have never met. That's rare for me because I am extremely shy when it comes to talking to people or even saying hello. Writing is my way of getting all of my feelings, emotions, and frustrations out of my head to where I can share them with the world. Reading is when I can forget about all the troubles I have in my life and pretend that I'm a wizard or a heroine. I love that because reading about the troubles of others, and seeing how they solved their problems gives me the hope that I can solve mine as well. That's why I want to be a writer. I love you Writing.com! Thanks for a safe, secure place to let my imagination run free!
-- ENB
      I just.... wanted a place where I could write stuff and save it. I had no idea. No idea how much more there would be. There are no words, in an ocean of writers, to truly describe the supernal collaboration happening on this site. It transcends material necessity into spiritual NEED. I am beyond grateful.
      I happened upon writing.com 6 months ago while looking for something to dampen my insatiable hunger for reading and writing. Over the last six months I have become involved in many groups and interactive stories until I began to feel like this was an online home for me. I am glad that I found this site and I can not think of how dull my life would be without it.
-- Kiriel
      Writing.com is the best forum that exist for people like me in a country such as the usa which has so many millions of people and yet the greatest experience of alienation and loneliness that a person could ever hope to experience.

In small but especially big economies such as these the individual has to learn to rely upon himself for his own happiness and self fulfillment and mirth and joy and laughter and all this can be achieved in the dedication to words and literary self expression and creative writing .

I began talking to myself and by myself having no close friends or neighbour or family with whom to talk and to relate on a normal everyday basis.

Well I have now found writing.com and this is going to be my psychiatrist couch. Here I can explore my inner topics and creativity and I
plan to organize into readable format all that befuddels my mind and makes my heart and soul sorrowful.

I am usually a happy person so I hope to recapture my joyful contentment soon and be able to write about the birds and the bees and the forests and the trees and all the happy little things that make the human heart break out in song and joy and laughter.

THANK YOU WRITING.COM for existing. You are the medicine I so needed to express myself daily without constantly serarching for another...
from : Jesucristo1950
con mucho amor
Wednesday October 2 a.d.2013
      I found Writing.com about three months ago. I was immediately intrigued by all the events, contests,and opportunities for portfolio building.

I have learned a lot by doing reviews and reading other author's work. The contests are great. They often pay GP's generously, but the best part is that they make me stretch out of my comfort zone to write genres I normally would not try.

The fact that I am a senior citizen doesn't matter at all here on Wdc, authors of all ages share their work. Everyone is respectful of the efforts of others. Thank You Writing.com
-- Smiles
      I joined WDC three years ago. At the time, I was new to writing and didn't have much idea. Since then, I have received so much positive feedback from other members that I now feel competent when writing.
      I would like to say a very big thank you to Writing.Com, your web site has helped me to become a better writer. You have a lot of great ideas and have been such a help to me, I have just had my first children's book published. Its called The Adventures Of Mindy Moo Cow On Smiling Face Farm, It is on Amazon.com. Without Writing.com's help and valuable input, my book may not have been possible. If anyone wishes to know more about writing, then Writing.Com is the site to go to. Thank you, Writing.Com Yours Forever and Always, Ola Scott
      The way I found writing.com is actually funny. Ever since I was a kid, I would always type in random URL's in the address bar of my browser to see what, if anything, would come up. I've always been a writer so one day, I typed in writing.com to see what would come up. I was sure I would like whatever it was. I'm so happy I did that because this site is perfect in so many ways. I've met some great people, read some really nice work and have been able to receive reviews of my own work as well. Writing.com would get 4 thumbs up if I had 4 hands. Write on!
      The worst thing I could imagine was to be doing lots of writing but waiting for 'the one', that ever-elusive piece that would be 'ready'. I knew, the only way I was going to get better was to read the works of others like me and let them read my work in return.

Writing.com is the place you want to be to find literally thousands of wonderful stories, poems, ideas and texts of every variety waiting to inspire you, and hundreds of people ready to give you that helping hand through comments and reviews. Annonymous and safe and totally supporting with all the tricks-of-the-trade you need to get your stuff out there. Get noticed, get confident, get Writing.com!
      I came to Writing.com by accident, looking for another writing website that I used to belong to. Since I've started logging on to this website every day and submitting to multiple contests, I have found that the reviewers are very helpful and kind, and I have used their suggestions to improve on my writing. I look forward to logging on every day and writing "flash fiction" and even gathering ideas for bigger projects. I owe a lot to Writing.com!
      I am so glad that WDC was "invented!" *Smile*
WDC is all about writing, improvement, support and positive vibes.

But being online, I beleive it is also all about our minds. That's the beauty of this Internet era we are fortunate to enjoy. Minds connected directly to minds through writing.

You'll make many awesome friends who have the same interest; writing, reading, literacy, stories, novels, poems, getting published, the list goes on.
You won't be disappointed with the time you spend on this site. The saying was never so true; the more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Feeling shy? Depressed? Don't feel your writing efforts are good? This place has something for every level. Take it one step at a time.

That's what WDC is all about; helping one another like a team. Always ready to help but not in your face. Oh yeah! I love this place. And you will to, so why not give it a try.

Everyone's waiting to read your stuff!

And I'm waiting to review it!

-- Sparky
      Today it has been ten years since I first joined Writing.com. During that time I have made many friends and learned a great deal about writing.
I am now a published author (and content editor) with two print books self published and eight ebooks published by Museitup.
Thanks Writing.com for the support and friendship I have found here!
      I haven't been on WdC a month yet, but have derived tremendous benefit from it. I was referred to the site by a large publishing company's forum when I asked for advise on marketing my new book. What I found out is I wish I had found WdC first. The critical feedback I've been able to receive on my work and what I've learned just being a better writer have been an invaluable lesson. Anyone who is serious about improving their writing should be a member of this site.
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