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      I always knew my incapability to express myself. But with WDC its becoming easy. Plus, the reviews and feedbacks are really motivating. I enjoy being myself here, and I know that I am accepted the way I am here on WDC. Writing has always been on my mind since childhood. I am happy I could take this first step forward in this direction. Thanks a zillion WDC! God Bless all.
      Writing.com is, in my opinion, the best place for writing. Ever since I became a member and started posting my writings here I have gotten many helpful reviews and many reviews that encourage me to keep writing. Above all, Writing.com has absolutely made me a much better writer than I once was. For that, I thank you StoryMaster and StoryMistress for making this wonderful site and thank you fellow members for the reviews and just being contributing members to a great site.
      Since I joined WDC, every time I turn on my computer I have something to look forward to. This site has provided me the chance to display my writing skills, make new friends, and read the fantastic pieces of writing we all contribute! Without this site, I wouldn't have the joy of coming onto the computer as I do today!

      Since finding WDC two years ago, my cell phone hasn't left the palm of my hand. During every boring bus trip, between classes and even while falling asleep at night I'm madly clicking away at the keypad, adding chapters to my interactive stories via mobile internet. I can't imagine an addiction more fun, productive and satisfying than WDC.
      To WDC and all it's members.I've written since I was 14 and over the years have gathered quite a few item, upwards of 600 or so. Until finding this site, I never thought it would go any where. I always wanted and dream of one day being published. This site was a blessing to me , because I took a chance to let the world see what I have written after 58 years. I am so glad I did, because of the support and inspiration of all the members here, I have new hope and dreams. Your reviews helped me learn and I will continue to. But you have inspired me to the point I am almost done my first nove. It was because of WDC. It's tools, experinece and love for writing that made that possible. And of course all of you. If your visiting here...well all I can say is join. Writers Digest, which is almost if not close to 100 years old, have determined that this site and 3 others are the best on the international web for helping writers progress and grow. So come grow with us. And for everyone else, I will have to close down from 90 items to just 10 for now until I get back on my feet.My membership runs out Jan. 15th 2010. But I will not leave for sure. Keep writing all of you and thanks to all Good luck to all you new members and please recommend this site to all writers looking to progress. Thanks WDC S A Gibbins
      I am just about to hit my one year anniversary on WDC, and felt that I had to let the world know what an amazing and inspiring site this is. In just one year I have gone from being a closet writer, too afraid to let anyone know that's what I did in my spare time, to being a published author. And I owe it all to WDC.

The support and friendship I have gotten from members of this site has been invaluable. So I urge you, if you write, join this community and gain the insight and confidence you need to take the next step.
      Dear writing.com, I have been a member here for over two years and I love this site. the people are caring and very supportive of my writing.It has also helped me grow as a writer and rediscover a part of myself that I have kept under wraps for many years. because of your site I have decided to persue my dream to become a published childrens books author. Wish me luck in this endeavor! sincerely Rainbow Writer
      The first time i found Writing.com, i was just surfing the internet for fanfiction stories of Naruto. I had no idea that i would start writing them. Althought the time i took was two weeks for me to actually sign in, I make up for it now.
      I hesitantly joined Writing.com a few months ago, I'd never shared my poetry before I found this site and was nervous about what others would have to say about my work. But all I have found is encouragement and friendly (very helpful) advice. I am now addicted and visit the site whenever I have a spare moment. The people here are genuinely warm, welcoming and helpful.
I am so glad I joined!! -Brit
      Mollyjeep writing wrote a testimonial in 07 about how the community here has inspired her writing and the friendships/bonds created are the greatest thing that could have happened to her. I find that amazing because that is my same exact sentiment in 09! This site is the absolute truth when it comes to the art of reading and writing. And the site protocol is unmatched with (any) other site i've ever seen! It was a blessing (stumbling) into WDC.
      Writing.com brings out the writer in me, it's as if a spirit of flight resides here, it just picks you up on its way to greater heights. I too, seem to be writing more and more-I find much honesty and encouragement here, and most of all others just like me...serious, playful and talented!
      Amazing site. Writing.com truly is. I haven't been here a month and my creations have been viewed over 100 times! I simply enjoy putting emotions into words...yet I'm seemingly being transformed into someone who truly enjoys writing!

Even if you just like to jot words on paper, this site is for you! At first it seems a little wierd putting your words in the public eye...but then you receive such helpful and motivational reviews!

Now I log into this site a couple times a day. I work at a hotel, and most of my day I am at least logged in to my account. I simply created a free acount...then recieved a free upgrade!

It takes 5 minutes to join this site...5 minutes! After that your in! If you love to write, Writing.com is the place to be; if you love to read, Writing.com is the place to be.
      I have been a member of Writing.Com for less than one week. In that short time, I have received more advice and encouragement than I have in a lifetime. What a wonderful, diverse and kinetic community of helpful and insightful authors and readers.

I declare it the best site for a budding writer that I have ever found, and am proud to call it my new home, on the web.

D. Harris Blacke
      I get quite the experience since finding, and being on writing.com. I not only get to play around in crosswords, search words, In & Outs and campfires, but I also gain experience by reviewing other people's items.

By reviewing and noticing areas that could use improvement, or by seeing how someone else did something in story, I learn so much. It doesn't cost a lot for this privilege, especially if you consider the trial membership, and the free one. I've met some fun and interesting people on here too. Thank you so much for creating such a well organized and user-friendly site.
      I joined writing.com because I want to develop the art i have, i know, implanted through the deepest walls of my veins--that I can write with beauty.

Still I need some workouts and practice and with this site, I am able to enhance writing as well as enjoying every pieces I could get from here. Thanks a lot.
      I thank the dieties every day for Writing.com. If it wasn't for here, I wouldn't be trying to write anymore, and I definitely would have never found Bob. It has enhanced my life more than anyone can know and blessed me with some of the best things in my life. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.
      I have been coming on as a guest for over a year, back when I simply did a google search for dragon vore and found "Dragon Island Vore" by dragonx. Ever since then, I've been comeing on and checking things out, and I recentally became a member, and so far I have made 4 interactives, added to, at least, half a dozen others, and I have made a bunch of friends. This site is a great place, not only to write stories, but to make friends with people who like others for who they are, as well as enjoying their work writing about it, and helping each other out.

I'd give this site three thumbs up, but alse, I have but two hands. Can someone provide a third hand? (HA HA)
      I have been looking all over the net for a decent writing website, but when I found WDC, it was way beyond being decent. I have been here for about a month short of a year and I have enjoyed every moment of it! The members of Writing.Com are a friendly and helpful bunch, not to mention the handy tools that the website provides and the many different varieties of static or interactive stories it has to offer. To be blunt, if you haven't joined already, do so NOW, you won't ever regret it!
-- Willum
      I have been visiting "WRITING.COM"for about two weeks now and my free trial expires in 29 days! I will be picking a package to stay here because as a new writer I feel very comfortable here. I am glued here every evening. I am learning so much.
Thanks to one and all.
      Writing.Com is home. Its the place I wake up in the morning.
Where I used to spill mornings' fresh thoughts onto paper,
I now type in a place I remember. I nourish myself on writing.com
experiencing worlds of our own creation. I share feelings and thoughts
as I walk through our worlds created alone…with each other. And I care
how you feel as you read my experience,
when I entered the world of your item.

Writing.com is not just for "writers;"
its for you and for me to share company,
in our minds and on internet paper.
Thanks for the opportunity to say how EYE feel
to the world about writing.com.

I love you. and writing.com.
      This is a wonderful site, I can not say enough about it, there is always something for everyone to read and lots of motivation given to writers to write! I am a writer and cannot express how awesome this site is! Rock On WDC!
      Writing.com surrounds me with the artistic community of fellow writers I have been missing. I have enjoyed writing ever since kindergarten and the nuns gave me a jumbo pencil. Starting in my late teens I immersed myself in the artistic community where I lived in San Francisco. Bohemian evenings spent sharing our latest poems was a special time. I have find some of that same cameraderie here, enriching my life, feeding my spirit, and inspiring my creativity.
-- peach
      I woke up one morning and burned to write...I just had to and I knew that! I have questioned myself over and over again of why I gave it up.

I know the answer finally. Searching the internet and visiting various places I found that Writing.Com was for me. Where else could I have been able to write and be more creative than I ever dreamed? Writers, friends and feedback galore! My second home is Writing.Com!
      I'm what they call a "Newbie". I stumbled upon writing.com 4 days ago while surfing for ideas to improve my passion: writing. My life hasn't been the same since. Now, I'm no computer whiz, but I had no trouble clicking here and clicking there and navigating through the site. I thought, "Ok - this is neat, but chaaachingg - how much is this gonna cost me?" You know what it cost me to register as a member? NADA - Nothing - Zip. So I jumped in and started writing, reviewing, and communicating with encouraging, compasionate authors. I've learned alot in these past 4 days and I'm even starting writing classes through WDC (that stands for "writing.com") by using the points I've earned from the many generous authors on the site. I sign on to WDC in the morning and before I know it, it's dark outside and I realize I haven't eaten, fed my dog, read the paper, watched TV, or even drank my wine I poured hours ago. Watch out Stephen King, here I come.
      You hear a lot about the "friends" that people make at WDC. When I first joined I was a little skeptical about all this. I have come to believe that it is not only possible to make friends, but comrades, allies, mentors, teachers, and pals. I wanted to enter a small town magazine short story contest where I live. I didn't want just to enter this contest, I wanted to win it. I asked seven or eight fellow WDC members if they would be kind enough to read my story and comment on it. Everyone of them did. Some said they would get to it during their lunch brake, or after they got home from work, in other words they had to find time to do what I asked them to do, and they did find the time and they offered me the best advice they could. I would define that as friendship. What else could you call it. I haven't heard back yet whether I won or not. I know I have a good shot at it. I LOVE WDC!
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