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      What do I think of Writing.com? I think this site has amazing features that are viewed by many loved fans. This site has three things to change; it helps inspire others, helps with dreams, and it helps with imagination. I'm new here, and yet, I've already easily caught on! Writing.com is a fun, active site and it is extremely easy to learn about.
      Writing.com. How did I get through my days before this site? I love it here. I've met some great people, had some excellent feedback on my stories and read some truly excellent and interesting work. If I can't sign on here at least once a day I start to have withdrawals. I feel at home here and after a stressful day at work, I come here to relax. Thanks to the authors, staff, and dedicated volunteers on this wonderful place. Thanks again. simply2012
      Writing.com is the best site by far on the internet for anyone who is looking for feedback on their talents. It's helped me grow and learn more about my own writing, as well as see how unique others are with their craft. WdC is an addiction, and one I'm very proud to have! You couldn't pull me away from here, no matter what! -Angus-
-- Angus
      Its been one year since I joined WDC, and let me say, I love this place. I've met new people, made new friends, and in my point of view, I've really improved my writing skills. The writers here are very nice, and the ones I've met are very helpful. I'm so glad I found this place, and I hope I can spend many more years here!
      It's been my first birthday on WDC and I can't believe how far I've come. This time last year, I had just started my first chapter in my Draco Malfoy fanfic, now I am still continuing that, and yet my writing skills have developed greatly, and I have branched off to write other things too. I would just lkike to thank WDC for making this an amazing year for me, and I hope to show you some great things.
-- Ridley
      I joined writing.com only a few months ago, afflicted with a serious case of writer's block. Happily, the condition is in remission because this site motivated me to keep on writing and to keep studying my creative writing course. I have been able to submit two articles for publication in community magazines since I joined. Thank you writing.com.
      There's no other writing sites that match Writing.com. This is a place I called it my second home!
      Writing.com provides a solid, user-friendly, interpersonal, virtual environment for like-minded individuals with genuinely creative abilities or an interest to learn to come together. The lessons in which you learn, friends you make, and contacts achieved will purely depend on your motivation to learn, read, write, or present to others your unique contributions to society globally, and all through Writing.com !
-- W.C
      Finding a decent blogging website for writers is strangely difficult. I searched the web for a period of about two or three days before I found writing.com. It's arguably the best blogging site for writers that exists today. Not only do I get great feedback and confidence boosters, but I also get to read creative pieces of fiction by other authors!
      There's no place like home.
-- Riot
      Who needs to buy books when you have writing.com.
Who needs facebook when you have writing.com.
Who needs Netflix when you have writing.com
Who needs to eat, sleep, or work when you have writing.com.
Can you tell I'm addicted to writing.com? :)
-- JD
      This site is one of most thoroughly diverse I have found on the web. A reader may use this as a reservoir in which his mind may dive and swim through a fantastic myriad of prose.
The writer can hone his or her skill at their leisure and store work safely on this site. We may participate in various contests, review processes, have personal interactions, conduct business through email, and above all else, read and be read! It has been a truly useful forum for me personally and I admit, a daily destination for me as I work on various projects.
      I just got back into writing, so when I found this place I decided that I would try it out. I love to come here to see if anyone read what I wrote, I find that this site offers me what I need to keep on writing.
-- pampam
      Writing.Com has moved my writing up a notch simply by me giving and getting reviews. Whatever your level of writing ability and whatever your genre, it is THE place to be.
      Im new at this. But I love to read. I love the way I got emails right off and I love the wonderful stories and tips.Everyone tries to help everyone else. I love writing and I write poems. I want to post some. But not sure where to post them yet and im still answering the mail. It is a joy to be part of this site. Thank you
      I have been on Writing.com for just a short time and it has been nothing but really exciting. The knowledge I've gained on Tips for Fiction has helped me a great deal in writing my manuscript. Thank you so much.
- Confidence Chichi Uba
      My passion for writing is unexpectedly fluctuating. So it really becomes a problem since I do not have the luxury of time. I cannot simply write whenever the ideas struck me and worst of it, they came in at wrong timing. And so, when finally my schedule became available, the writhing desire to write had halfly-faded. And my imagination does not work on a 50% basis.
And I thought: This might be a problem.
But after being part of the community,I felt like suddenly my confidence fills up to the brim. Well,I thought I'm over...but there's a catch.
Hail forth the golden realm of writers!
Long live Writing.com!
      Hello, and Congratulations!!!

What a fantastic site *Smile*!

It's been almost a year for me, and what a brilliant brilliant thing you have done! This site has allowed me to open up a whole new world, enjoy my writing once more, meet people from across the world, and best of all, release my imagination and have people review it. This in itself has been worth the 25 year wait to get back into writing! *CandleV*

My brain has not stopped thinking up new ideas, has not stopped seeing and feeling things in a whole new light, since I joined. To be able to write as I always wanted, and not be afraid of getting negative feedback, is liberating. And that is what you have created here...a place where writers of all standards can express themselves, can feel comfortable and secure in their poetry, prose, and wild and vivid imaginings: where the standard of reviewing can ALWAYS be depended upon, and the knowledge and depth of understanding and advice on offer is priceless to budding writers, like myself. *PartyhatR*

It took some courage on my behalf to open up to the people around me, my family and friends, and let them see what I was thinking through my writing, but without Writing.com, without the support and the guidance, when required, I might have missed my chance. I now have the confidence to try all and everything I ever wanted to write about, and I'll do it secure in the knowledge that I have such a great community of friends to lean on, and who will keep pushing me and inspiring me to 'write on'! *GiftY*

I will, for the rest of my life, hold you and your site in the highest regard for all you have done, and will keep recommending it to everyone who asks about how I started.

Hearty congratulations once again, and a very happy Birthday!

Kindest regards,

      I initially stumbled upon Writing.Com last February 2011 after googling ‘writing resources’. I was looking for a place where I could get unbiased feedback on my own writing. I joined the community that very same day and posted some chapters of my novel in progress. After receiving my first few reviews, I was hooked. I started to read, rate, and review other writer’s work as well. Over the course of a few months, Writing.Com has become a second home for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to interact with like minds. I initially became a member of Writing.Com to get feedback on my own stories and found that I have gained some lifelong friends as well as improved as a writer. I highly recommend Writing.Com to anyone. Whether you are a writer or a reader; whatever level you consider yourself (beginner, novice, intermediate, expert)…Writing.Com is the site for you!
      I just read a testimonial from 2007, the addictive quality of WDC remains! I could stay on for hours, oh wait...I do. And I am so glad to have found this site to share with others who love writing and reading
      I came across Writing.Com quite by accident. I had been a member of online artist communities for a long time, but now that I was interested in writing seriously, I was curious to see if there were communities available to me just for writers. Imagine my delight when, after googling it, I found Writing.Com! As I explored the site, I grew very excited—not only had I found exactly what I was looking for, but I could just see myself fitting right in! And boy, was I right! Thanks to Writing.com, I found the help I was looking for when it came to my writing—here was a community full of people who were kind, supportive, and happy to help me grow as a writer! I felt more welcome here than I did in any of my artist communities! *Bigsmile* But most importantly, all the writing advice, criticism, and, yes, even praise (because it's just as important to know what needs improvement as it is to know what you're doing right in your work) that my work received inspired me to devote my life to writing, just as I had with my art. I am now studying fiction writing in college, and was accepted into their competitive creative writing program with work I had written (and gotten reviews of) here on the site. So thank you, Writing.Com, for changing my life—literally!
      I stumbled across Writing.Com just about one year ago when I was randomly searching around the Internet. I read a whole bunch of interesting pieces of fanfiction that seemed far superior to independent sites. I looked further and found great pieces for deep thinking, of enlightenment. Soon I created an account and found a whole world of passionate writers eager to provide feedback for one another. All I can say is that I've seen a lot of great pieces from the folks here, and I've gotta get some writing of my own done!
-- Kirby
      I have been experiencing and enjoying Writing.com since October 18th 2009. It is the largest, most diverse collection of stories ever written and the best part is, I'm one of the writers!
If you are new to this site, please sign up and explore, add a story of your own. You will be glad you did, I know I am!
      I just want to say that everyone that I have come in contact with since joining writing.com, has been absolutely friendly and helpful. Everyone seems willing to offer advice and to help others improve their craft. I absolutely love the site, the opportunity to read others works, and to have my own read. Terrific.
      I always enjoyed writing and was really looking through some sites on the web to drop some loosely written prose. Then I stumbled upon Writing.com and got hooked. I can't write any old stuff anymore, I am held accountable by a whole family for producing a quality work, prompted to be responsible with my submissions, and learn how to write properly the stories I love reading. And there are so many things to do on the site--it's overwhelming! I got more than I thought I wanted, but a whole lot of what I really needed. Thanks a million!
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