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      Writing.com is to writing as ConceptArt is to art.
      You know how on websites with testimonials there are just pages and pages of comments such as:

"Oh, this website is awesome/great because it helps me (whatever)!"

Well, this is one real testimony, with real specifics. I am a student in High School, never tried to write stories as a kid, just played my video games. However, one day an idea popped into my head, and it wouldn't go away - I'd find my mind wandering back to that story. So, I decided to give it a shot. I wrote 30,000 words (sounds like a lot at first - turns out not so much), before I got stuck, and I didn't know what to do. I wanted feedback, I wanted advice, I wanted other people's opinion on what I was doing. My family quickly grew tired of it, and my schoolmates never had time to even read it in the first place, even as incomplete as it was.
Then, out of a simple Google search for "website for writing a book," I came across writing.com and decided to give it a shot. I remember thinking to myself "what the heck, I'll give it a shot."
I'm beginning to ramble, so I'll finish up, but first I want to say this: my story found an audience, a helpful, knowledgeable audience, who gave me feedback, encouragement, advice, everything I was looking for.
If you're looking for a place where you can hone your skills as a writer, find great stories to read, as well as meet some of the most creative people on the internet, this is the place to do it.
      I wasn't always good at writing. In the beginning it came naturally. Then for several years I took a break, and when I return it was gut wrenching to read what I would write.

Being at Writing.com helped a lot, the contests which I tried to enter as often as I could, and of course the reviewing. The contests forced me to break through my norm of writing only in my depression, and the reviewing exposed me to good writing in a variety of forms.

When reviewing I didn't just look at how well the writer did, instead I asked how they accomplished it, and mimicked the techniques in my own way.

I am still here because I owe the community a lot for making me a better writer, a better person actually, and the writers here still inspire me.

I hope they can do the same for you.
      I have been a member of Writing.com for a little over a month. I don't know what I did before I found this site. I have been a professional writer all of my life. What I have learned during my tenure at Writing.com has taught me more than many years of experience. The reviewers are very friendly and helpful. They always have helpful, constructive advice to give, unlike other sites where comments are geared toward your topic. The main thing I am learning at WDC is how to be a better editor for my magazine, Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry. By doing reviews and giving criticism I am learning to be more receptive to reading other writer's work. Thank you WDC!
      The world around us is as changing as we are... but for a man like me, too trapped in his own mind to remember himself at times, the outside world becomes to alien... Where then to look but the internet? I'd been writing in various forms, most notably as a Roleplayer, for a good number of years and, while my early works would make even a newbie wonder why I first took up the pen... one of them is still visible on the site I uploaded it to... I keep it around as a reminder that I have improved far beyond what I was originally capable of. now, here, in 2013 I finally found and joined this site. At this point in time I am still an avid RPer, even going to far as to being a tutor on one site and forming one of my own. But there are some stories that beg to be written, and they do not fit as a roleplay. Until now I'd needed an outlet for them before they blotted out the dreams and thoughts of my beloved. Now I have a way I can bring them to fruition without ever having to worry about people piling hate upon me for being me! WDC, I've known you for but mere hours, but I am sure I'm safe in saying: Thanks for saving my mind from an insanity I would never have been able to live.
      Through Writing.com, I have found the encouragement I need to write and receive critique from others like me. I have seen all sorts of deep, fun, and overall amazing writing on this site. Anyone looking to become an author MUST visit this site. The activities are great, the site itself is well organized and the people are just so supportive... it is just perfect. Best regards to anyone and everyone, may you find success and gratitude in all that you write, read, and do in life. -Nick
      I want to become a writer and a friend of mine mentioned how great writing.com is. Everyone is encouraging, the activities are fun and you learn a lot about your writing. I'm so glad I found all my fellow writers. I hope soon to be able to be even 1% the writers you all are. Thanks again for existing. You have become my addiction!
      I found Writing.com by mistake. I was searching for something tips on writing when I stumbled on to WDC. And I have never been this glad about a mistake. In less than a year, the site has provided me not only with the resources to develop my writing skills, but also with new friends. There is so much to do here that I spent all my free time on WDC only. It has become an anchor for me, helping me learn the nuances, and providing me the place to share my beliefs as well. Thank You!
      I am just so excited by the discovery of WDC, I just love these folks they are true stars that sparkle in the sky. This site is so complete more so than any other on the net. I come here every day and spend countless hours writing and reviewing. I have read the best stories and poems ever here. Thanks guys. ~Lisa Noe~*Cat*
      TWITTER SAVED THE DAY I was sitting around and out of boredom decided to sign for Twitter. I had heard so much about it and I so wanted to share myself. I completed the preliminaries and out of the blue WDC pops up on my screen. I had searched for a writing forum and could find nothing-- then I came here *Smile* I am learning, becoming more of a extrovert and loving everyone I come in contact with. Thank you everyone for being here. WDC saved me.
      Hello, my name is Mark Allen Mc Lemore...
This may sound like me at an A.A. meeting, and, in a sense it is, and I will tell you why...
Funny thing happened to me Saturday (1/5/13) when I woke up. I wiped out my Energy Points in my game within a game on my iPhone. I set that aside and grabbed my net-book, here I went to my Bing Rewards (I am a member and you get points for searching the Internet using Bing, 1 point rewarded for 2 searches up to 15 points a day). I just typed "Writing" in the Search Box, and, well I noticed Writing.Com as the first Domain...
... I entered.
Well, after midnight I looked up at my little Bing box and it still said "Writing" and I was still on Writing.Com.
I love this site, it is exactly what I have been looking for as a part time writer. I can easily say this is the best site for writers- EVER and although I did not get rewarded by Bing that day, I received a better reward; the chance to be a part of the WDC community!
Hello, my name is Mark Allen Mc Lemore, and this is my testimonial.
      I have always wanted to take part in a group of writers, and I immediately felt at home with Writing.com . I have posted only several of my compositions, since I won't be able to pay for a membership. But the positive response from my fellow members has been unbelievably overwhelming. I felt even more confident with my talent when one of my articles on parenting was selected by one of the more experienced critics to be put up for reviewing, and I even got an award! I received some gift points from other members as well. I would recommend this site to all aspiring writers out there.
      I always wanted to write, but wasn't sure I was up to the task. I googled writing one day (vague I know) but lo and behold I found writing.com! I have never looked back, I spend so much time on this website I think it qualifies as an addiction. The contests are brilliant with their prompts, there are groups of people actively engaging in review challenges and the general atmosphere is amazing. It has to be the best place to see your work improve as your fellow writers help support you with prompts and reviews. But there is more than just support with any writing challenges you may face; there is support for personal challenges also.

      When I first heard about Writing.com I had my doubts, but then I started to read some of the stories, meet some authors, very great experience! I have to say there is no better site out there!
-- Marat
      If I had not discovered this wonderful site I would have never found my writing voice.
      I came to this site back in 2010 when I needed an outlet for a story that was stuck in my head. Since joining it has blossomed more than I could have ever expected thanks to the wonderful community that supports, critiques, and guides you in your development as a writer. Because of this site, I've grown more as a writer in two years than in the 20 that I've been scribbling on notebooks. WDC is without a doubt one of the best websites available to people who are seasoned writers, and novices alike.
      Greetings. I have been here on WDC for more than one year and I have improved a lot! This is a wonderful community and we writers, who had their writing talents hidden, were only unleashed due to the wonderful and successful efforts of The StoryMaster and StoryMistress. I am glad I joined this and I hope that many like me are enjoying their stay on WDC.
      I am so glad to have found WDC! Not only have I found that posting my items here for reviews helps to improve my writing skills, but I have also noticed that the more I read and review other people's work the more skills I obtain.

I am an avid reader and writer so there could not possibly be a better site for me! I would like to thank the SM and SMS for the site and all the wonderful people here who have made me feel welcome.

I look forward to learning and growing on the site! In just 12 days I have done 41 in depth reviews and have posted over a dozen items in my port. I do not see the enthusiasm dying down anytime soon!


      I am from Sri Lanka and English is my second language. I wanted to write but felt my ENGLISH knowledge was not sufficient enough to do it. So I wrote but was scared to show it to anybody lest they would laugh at me. During that time I found writing.com and with much hesitation I posted my first item.The members in the site were so encoureging and I received a numerous reviews giving me advice on how to improve my writing.Ac tually it developed my confidence and I continued my writing. As a result I think I have gained much knowledge on how to write poetry or fiction thanks to the site who ofer free advice on writing skills. I wish you founders all the best and may your site will be popular in future too. Thanks.
      I can't begin to tell you what writing.com has done for me. It's not that the words won't come; it is quite the opposite. Too many adjectives are available to describe this wonderful site, how prolific I have become in my daily output, how dedicated I am to my new work ethic, and how easy it all flows together. It is because of this invaluable writer's tool that my goals are being met, while my writing is jumpstarted at every bend in the road. Any time I tune in, I find a myriad of activities, prompts, and models of good writing delivered by talented members who urge me toward my own goals. Writing.com is by far the most effective means to that happily-ever-after ending every writing career deserves. I am so proud to be a member.
      Writing.Com is an awesome site. It has helped me spend time wisely in positive ways and find a new hobby. Life isn't near as beautiful unless you have Writing.Com.
      Writing.com has finally broken my addiction to Facebook. For more than a year i have been addicted to Facebook, which consumed a lot of my time and honestly gave me nothing in return except for some gossip. I have always had a great fondness for reading and writing and with writing.com i found meaning for my time in front of the computer. In my opinion Writing.com should and will become among the top 100 visited websites in the near future. For all the people making sure that this place continues to refugee those who like to read and write i say Thank you.
      Before becoming a member of Writing.com I was never exactly an avid writer and never found it my forte. However I have since written a great many chapters and now feel free to write whatever I feel with confidence. I really enjoy contributing to the community and I would encourage others to do the same.
      I don't know what is in Writing.com that captivated me to stay with the community. I won't say it's the awesome groups that I am in, the lovely Community Notes or those gorgeous AwardIcons and Merit Badges. It's not also the Gift Points or the Paid Membership I have. I don't know! I just feel addicted with this site that I can't sleep a night if I missed my day's log-in.

Even how far the internet cafe is or most of the time, I borrow money from somebody - from a friend to go online, it doesn't matter to me as long as I can visit Writing.com to update my activities, read my emails, add new items, take reviews, and publish the things I have written on my drafts.

Maybe it'as the strong motivation that Writing.com gave me. The encouraging words of my fellow group members and the positive and helpful reviews plus the inspiring ratings I received from friendly Writing.com members. At Writing.com, I feel so comfortable and cared. No other online community that always inspire writers and readers than WDC. Great hosts, friendly members, excellent website indeed! Thanks and Write on!
      I first started on WDC as a way to see if I was really any good at writing. I loved to write stories that others would enjoy but also I would enjoy writing. I found from my time on WDC that it is much more than just a place to display your work and see if there is a fan base to sell your work too. It is a home away from home, with a large family that stand behind you through it all. They will pat you on the back for a job well done as will as hold you up while pointing out errors they find.
My family has grown and grown with each new perosn that comes to this site. The one thing I have found it that in great times my family is here but in hard times they are huddled around me send out all their good engery to me to help me back up. I can not stress how much I love this site, one that not only lets me make friends with my fellow writers but to be a part of something bigger. I hear all the time how fun facebook is or another social site is, but this site is far better to me than any other. With no other drama than the ones you read in a great story. I have now sent seven teens to this site, where they have signed up for their own accounts, inculding my middle daughter. All have found they are on WDC more than they are on any other site and love not only being able to post their own work but being able to read things from other writers that help them become better writers. I can not thank this site enough for all it has done for me. My passion for writing is back and I have found I write a lot more since I came here then I did before joining. *Heart*
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