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      I was turned on to Writing.com by my teacher and good friend. It is because of this site that I began to take my writing seriously. The people here are so friendly and are willing to help any person take their writing to heights, they never could have imagined.
      I can't say enough good things about Writing.com. I had started a book back in 1979. I would write a little each year, but it never really progressed. I was directed by a friend to this site and I joined in 2010, primarily to finish that book. However, I got bogged down with it, so I started joining different groups here. I was encouraged to enter contests and just for something to do I took part in Pond Poetry's Picture Prompt Poetry Contest. I did not win anything, however, having to provide poems in forms that I was totally unfamiliar with (I am not a poetry buff) helped me to fuel my creative powers. After that contest I joined the Native American Picture Prompt which was for short stories. Again, I had never written a Native American story even though I am part Osage and my husband is Cherokee. To my huge surprise, I won two rounds of that contest.

That began my new career. When NANO approached I joined and decided to write in that same genre, Native American stories, PLUS I decided to make it my very first murder mystery. I am almost finished with it and it has been a joy to write. However, one of my constant readers of my mystery decided to look in my port for more to read of mine, and she found my original book, still unfinished. She rated it kindly, but that caused me to go back and read what I had written back in 1979. I was horrified, and happy at the same time, because I could see how much I had grown just from being on this site and participating in things I had not ever tried before. I hope to publish my mystery Wheezer And The Painted Frog and I thank Writing.com.
      Writing.Com is a community without borders, religious or political prejudices or elitism. While getting constructive reviews that aid my writing ability, it is the friendships here that I treasure most. Like minded people of all ages helping to keep communication skills and the written form alive in days when technology is encryting everything else.

      Thank you to writing.com!! I have journals of my writing that I thought was not good until I posted some things on writing.com. I am edxcited to know that I have found writer's that can apperciate the same thing I apperciate. I have also found others that understand my writing. And at the same time I am getting help on ways to better my writing again thank you writing.com and fellow writer's....
      Once, in the middle of writing a book, I went onto the Internet, looking for writing tips, typed 'writing' and found Writing.com.
I cautiously read a little about it and timidly slipped into the community, glancing nervously about me. I thought I'd experiment and posted a few of my poems up. I was bombarded with welcomes, reviews, gift points, and encouragement! I got really excited and posted more writing.
Now I have quite a bit of my writing in my portfolio, I've joined a few groups, reviewed a lot, made a bunch of friends, explored the community and learned from experienced writers - all for free! It's fantastic, a dream.
So thank you Writing.com for being there, for your wonderful support and encouragement, for bringing writers together.
-- Fi
      I joined this site last night because I wanted a place that I could put my poems up on and get feedback. I was partly unsure that I was going to get any feedback on my writing. I can tel you I got more then just one review! I logged in this morning and found 5 reviews on my poem, 4 out of 5 being 4 and a half stars. It was so encouraging! But it sure did not stop there! I also got a GP gift of 200 on one of my reviews. I am now encouraged and ready to continue to share my writing. Thank you writing.com for encouraging me.
-- Angel
      I joined Writing.com in June at the behest of a friend of mine. I'd been sending on line friends my poetry once in a while for a few years, but a new friend named Lynn (asthelogrolls) was a member on Writing.Com for a bit, but not very active. She felt that my poetry needed to be seen by more people and sent me the URL. Since that fateful day, I've been very active on the site in writing, reviewing and entering contests. I've been lucky enough to get 3 or 4 first place winners, 2 or 3 second place finishes, and 5 or 6 third place finishes. Needless to say, I love this site and look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with everyone on here.

      WRITING DOT COM SAVED MY LIFE!!! ... One cold winter I fell through the ice. Nearby was a group of WDC members and one of them called to me: "Are you a WDC member? If you are then we might try to save you." Floundering in the icy water, I screamed, "Yes! Yes! I'm a member!" and I vowed that if I was saved, then I would turn my lie into a truth by actually joining. Fortunately, professional rescue workers pulled me out before the writers could make the attempt, but nevertheless, I honored my pledge to join. I know kindred spirits when I see them.
      Most people consider WDC their home; I was like that till I learned the truth. It took a while, but I found out what WDC was to me. WDC is more of a vacation, a hotel with all the trimmings, right next to the beach. And all in the comfort of your own home. Why did I think this way? Because at a home you have to do some sort of chore, weather it be homework, dishes, laundry or what not, and those can be a drag. But you don’t have chores on WDC, instead, you have choices. And I’m glad I made the right one.

Thank you WDC, for being there for me, and for being the window to all the other wonderful people who also joined. Here, I don’t have to be afraid to express myself. Here I am free.
      Writing.Com has enabled me to do something that I'd never been able to do before- review and rate other people's work. This website has helped strengthen my abilities when it comes to analysing literature, which in turn has helped me with my studying of English Literature at University. This website is magnifiscent as it allows its users to post their own literature for free, something which very few websites seem to do nowadays.
      I started writing because it was part of the curriculum at my high school, but then I found a love for it. I searched all over the internet looking for a site which would would give writing tips for any genre and get my work read by more than just my teachers. I found Writing.com and am pleased to say I'm addicted, every day I log on and find something interesting to door read!
      I have been here just for two weeks and i love it here. Read articles pour your emotion through it. You have such a friendly and generous friend here.
If you love to write stuff and read stuff than this is your heaven.
writing.com is the best.
      Writing.Com was a website I had been looking for. I always wanted to write my biography and maybe fictional tales, but paper and pen is just not the way to write essays. Either the ink is smudged or I need to cross out a word or two, and 'addio' neatness! The website is perfect. Serious writers who know how to review and kindly point out any mistakes, and help out. Thanks!
-- MW1000
      I found out about writing.com from a friend in my newspaper class who had recently gotten the premium membership. She suggested to all of us who were really serious about writing to get an account and that she was really enjoying having the paid membership. It wasn't until a few years later that I finally decided to give it a go, but I have not regretted it for a minute!
      My handwriting is terrible, so writing something over and over again is a hard and sloppy way to spread my work, typing is better but it still wastes paper. W.D.C. however, is online, so I can type AND easily make my works public.
      I joined WDC in 2007, not knowing what the site was, just hoping to get my writing life back. At first glance, I couldn't understand the format of WDC, and my other life, my "real" life, started falling apart. The company I was working for went bankrupt, taking 10,000 dollars of my back pay with it. I was stuck in Japan without a job and with a family to support. Writing was the last thing I could do at that time. Then, a year later, after the dust had settled and I had started my own business, the desire to write again just wouldn't leave me. I had been suffering from depression for a long time, and felt my previous talents were going to waste. The only person I would show my writing to was extremely critical and had nothing positive to say, ever. Going through my bookmarks, I found WDC and decided to give it another try. The first poem I read prompted me to write some feedback, and that felt good--I felt like I was back at university, helping a student with their writing. Their response made me feel like my opinions had some worth--a sensation I hadn't felt in a long, long time. The first comment I got on my first positing cemented my trust in the site: the reader was surprised at how bad my writing was given my background. The creative juices got flowing again, and I discovered a new discipline in me, a new work ethic. I worked hard from 2008 until 2010, positing stories and sending feedback. My depression lifted. I can say, with little reservation, that the people in WDC, their honesty, criticisms, comments, and encouragement, brought me back from a very dark place. I am submitting work to publishers, confident that they are my best work so far. Thank you, all who make up this community. You really did some good for this person. You really did pull me back into life.
      Thunderlane Loves Writing.com. It makes the work seem like play.
      I love writing.com. Before I couldn't find any other writers who I could talk to. Being in high school, it's really difficult to have an unusual hobby, such as writing. It immediately brands you an outcast. After a particulary bad day at school, all I have to do is get on WDC and read a few things. It makes me feel way better. I have drawing friends, but it isn't the same. You need way more talent to paint a picture with words. I used to get on a lot, but finally I just became a member. It's way different, trust me! This is an awesome site.
      After finally taking tiny steps into writing for many years, I took a giant leap of faith and started doing this--writing on Writing.Com. It has been an eye opening experience with some amazing work from some unique group of people. Looking back I wonder why it took me so long. WdC is fantastic with some great tools to allow someone like me to progress and learn. Thank-you very much! And my Anonymous Upgrade gift was the cherry on top! May the Almighty keep us all blessed and happy! Amen to that!:) xoxoxoxox
-- Niase
      I had stopped writing due to work and studies. but then i joined writing.com. it is so amazing and the people here are so nice. i started writing again and spend quite a few hours here. i just love being here...
      I was only here just this day, and now I found myself writing story and poems! I was really indulged to this site with only a day! I really am inspired to write more and more. I want to improve, and make my works masterpieces. This site will totally help me!
      I have been on Writing.com for almost a year now and I absolutely LOVE it!! I get a ton of feedback on EVERYTHING I write! Unlike all of the other sites I've come across, Writing.com lets you have your own portfolio for FREE! The other sites are boring, cost money, and are hard to navigate. Writing.com isn't! I love it and I hope to stay for a long time!!
-- Angela
      Writing.com is a wonderful place for me. It allows me to explore and express my creativity in many ways on many different levels. This is the only place that I know of where I can express not just one part of me, but all of me, from my poetic side to my scientific side. And everyone has been so very supportive, offering both encouragement and useful criticism and advice, which in turn helps me to become a better writer. I love this place! Here, I feel at home! I would recommend writing.com to anyone serious about writing or who loves the literary arts!
      I have only been a member for a few weeks and have fallen in love with this site and the community therin. It is packed with kind and helpful writers and fans! I fell my writing has improved immensley from all of the amazing feedback I have recieved. This site is a treasure for writers and readers alike. If editors started visiting this site, I doubt they could choose from the many talented people posting their work here!
      I am so glad that I just found out about writing.com. It is so cool and I finally get to get all my writing and thoughts out to the world. Email me any time on here!
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