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      All my life I've had a dream of being a famous author. I'm still working on it, and writing.com has helped me tremendously. When I knew writing was a passion of mine, I went onto Quizilla.com to write stories. From experience, Quzilla sucks cheese compared to writing.com. In the two years I shared stories there, I got one message. And that was only a reply to a review I wrote to someone else. Here, I put a poem and the next day I get about 6 feedback reviews. If you want to write, this is the site for you. You'll get the encouragement and activities you need to become a fabulous and successful writer.
      "Writing.com" is one of the best things that happened to me. I first entered this site after I searched for a place online to post my writings. And the first result was "Writing.com". I was so excited to find a community where I could fit and communicate with the ones that share the same interest with me. I signed up and began reading, writing and reviewing. Since then, writing.com became my second home. Everyone is so encouraging, respectful and nice. I couldn't be any happier... This site is a "one of a kind", a pure inspiration!
      About eight years ago, a friend turned me on to Writing.com. I was hooked, reading what others wrote and starting to write fiction on my own. (I was already published as a columnist in a small, international, special-interest publication.) For several years, I was deprived of the use of the internet, but when I got back on-line, my first priority was getting back to Writing.com. I have written a couple of pieces that have been submitted for publication, and I have a good start on a novel. Writing.com is the place for me; Writing.com is the place to be.
-- GWFrog
      How I got started on WDC? I was looking on the web for publishers. I came accross Writing.com, read what it was all about, and signed up for a free trial. It took me a while to grasp what this website was all about. I was about to give up, when this "good samaritan" signed me up for a three month "Upgraded" membership. Well, if this unknown person thought this site was so good, I stayed to study up on how to do things the WDC way. I read all the newsletters that were very helpful, and started to write. Now I'm so hooked, my family is annoyed with me for ignoring them. I love this site, and thank you to my "good samaritan" for your kindness. You know a good thing when you see it. Yeah WDC!
      I love writing.com! I used to be in a writer's group locally. It turned out it was nothing I was hoping or looking for. I get evals and reviews from like minded individuals, and others whose interests are far from my own. The thread in common is that everyone makes it about the writing. I get to read works by others in different genres and sometimes the same genres and review works that gain my interest. BRAVO, WELL DONE and KEEP IT GOING WRITING.COM!!
Ellie Mack
      WDC is an amazing place for avid readers and writers of any place. I had an account back in high school, and 6 years later I finally came back and quickly became immersed in everything that WDC offers. I realized that I don't only love writing, but I really love reviewing and encouraging others. I appreciate so much the feedback I get and the very thoughtful and sincere WDC members who help me along the way.
      Writing has been a seret obsession of mine for many years and I am used to getting 'that look' when I have been brave enough to admit to it. I came to WDC after a long fallow period, maybe a decade - lumme - so long? I didn't intend to stay long here, but I am becoming quietly addicted. It feels like walking the corridors of Uni - so much to learn, so much to do and so much inspiration. I can let my passion flow no one seems to mind at all that I am mildly eccentric.
      I discovered writing.com in 2004 by accident. I was in awe at how complete and wonderful this site was. I became addicted emediately! Unfortunately life got in the way and I was not always able to get on writing.com and it was years before I was able to join the comunity again on a semi-regular basis. I started a new account in 2009 and I felt like I had been reunited with a lost love! Its wonderful to be involved with such a rich community of writers!
      I love to write, my problem is that I doubt myself and so avoid doing it(!). Writing.com spurs me on, cheers me up, gives me a lust for writing like nothing else can. Reading and reviewing other people's work helps me better understand the intricacies of writing, makes me feel like I can help people in the same boat and boosts my confidence in my own writing skills. Just logging on makes me feel like more of a writer as it enables me to enter a world of sympathetic and supportive minds.
      Writing.com is amazing!!! It has helped me published my work for the world to read and share my story and know that I'm not alone! Even if I do become a successful author, I will still be on this site, because it's where I got my start and future big break!
      I have only been on Writing.Com for a few days and have thoroughly enjoyed having my poems and stories read. I also really enjoy reading other people's work.

      My parents are totally into this site, and this site has helped me come along in writing SO much. I check, write, and visit WDC as much as I check my email. This site gives me inspiration, and everyone here is so nice. Seriously.
      In 2006, I joined Writing.com and quickly became an addict. My muse was back, my writing was strong, and the community helped me stay inspired, engaged, and enriched. Now, in 2011, I am back and wholly addicted once again. I can't get enough, and I'm looking forward to see what inspiration lays around the corner for me once again!
      Writing.Com has really helped me in my writing! I love the fact that anyone can read what I write! I've always kept my work to myself but here I can let people read my writing and comment on it. I hope to be an author someday and if I am I know it will partly be due to Writing.Com!
      I LOVE writing.com. It has really helped me to become a better writer. It also helped me prepare for publishing my book that I am currently writing. Thank you so much for creating this site. It has greatly helped aspiring writers, like me, come out of our shells.
      I have been around for a while writing and striving, striving and writing. I was very unsure of my talent and made some progress but not a great amount because of my unsure attitude toward my work.
I came to Writing.com and began to get positive feedback and the most incisive and complete criticism available from all the wonderful writers.
The upfront word for Writing.com is SUPPORT. I have never been to a writing site that gives more support than at Writing.com. The reviewers are uplifting, encouraging and knowledgeable. They seek to strengthen anyone's talent with honest, progressive reviews.
I recommend Writing.com for anyone. Whether you are a published writer or a beginner you can benefit from Writing.com.
Bertie Williams
      because of writing.com i am able to get back with my writing interest, hope i'll get on track with the love of writing... kindly see my poems on my childhood days..... thanks writing.com..
-- bbjing
      ''Being a scriptwriter myself (well I'm not there yet, but yes just like writing.com, I'm on another screen-writing website). This website is fantastic, and there are many brilliant poems and far better stories on this website, despite the fact that I'm in the UK!

This website is, well let's say every writer's dream whether new or old. I always thought there was a website for writers, just like us screenwriters, and amazingly this is the one.

I'd like to see many screenwriters and writers to join this website and share ideas together.

A very good website, the people are friendly! Really they are! And all the things you need!

I'd rate this number one website in the web rankings of the world.
      I've been saying that I was going to submit a testimonial when I hit a year of being on writing.com, this was after being on the website after one month. I really enjoy this website. I first found this site at school while looking for something interesting to read. The first thing that came up was writing.com. Once in it, I started reading, reviewing, and eventually even posted some of my own pieces. Writing.com, is way more that a website with people's writings, it really is a community. I thank The StoryMistress, StoryMaster, and everybody else involved for putting this wonderful website community together.

Christian W.
      I first joined writing.com back in 2008, the year before my GCSE's.
For my whole life I had been labelled as an underachiever, especially in English. I was in special help classes throughout most of my time at school. But within just months of joining this site I learned so much which really helped me not only drastically improve my writing skills but also to grow as a person. In 2009 I was one of just 3 people in my year group of 120 pupils to achieve an A* in my English Language GCSE and I owe that success completely to this site and it's member. Now I am returning as an A grades A-Level student and am looking forward to contributing to this community once again. Writing.com is brilliant!
-- Maigre
      Writing.Com is Amazingly helpful to young writers like myself who are interested in learning more. I have really enjoyed sharing my writing with others. -Bianca
-- Bianca
      I had always wanted a webpage where I could submit my poems and other writings for people to read them and help me master the writing technique. This place is IT.
      I have to say, I was scared about join W.com. Showing others my work, meeting other writers, but when I got the courage to suck it up and join, I realized that W.com is a great place for those who want to write, read, or both. Writing.com is a wonderful place. Because of it, I can now post my work that I couldn't do anything with. Writing is my sole hobby, and W.com has made it so I can process that into my life...
-- Stowie
      Okay, I will admit it. I joined Writing.com on a whim, just to be nosey, have a good read and see how others wrote. Wow! What a site, I have been able to explore genre's that I wouldn't dream of going near without being judged, practise by entering the flash fiction contests, get free constructive reviews of my work and ask for advice. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and you never feel like you are a burden. My writing has improved and yes I have now been published and PAID!!! I would not have been able to do that without writing.com. I would highly rate this site and recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming an author or who just wants to dabble as a writer. I can't guarantee that you will be published after joining this site but I can guarantee that you will learn to believe in your writing and become a better writer for it. So what's stoppping you? Go for it - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
-- Renn
      One day I was surfing the net casually when I typed creative writing and came across Writers.com. And, intrigued, I filled out the form and became its member on 12th January, 2011.
I am a high school student and have been writing for sometime now. However, I mainly wrote for myself and hardly showed my writings to anyone. But, since I joined WDC, it has been an AMAZING experience!!!! I have got so many reviews for my poems. People have sent me meaningful feedback which have helped me improve my writing. And I have learnt so many things after coming here. I get to read so many WONDERFUL stories and poems and these too help me to improve my writing.
Besides I have made some great friends over here and I'm getting to know more people every passing day!
In short, WDC ROCKS!!! It's the best place for budding writers to come and learn.
I am learning, I'm sure you'll too!
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